The PO.DAAC User Working Group (UWG) is an external advisory group established by EOSDIS, made up of physical oceanographers, hydrologists, and data scientists, and tasked to:

  • Prioritize and provide guidance on PO.DAAC activities, science goals, including data acquisition, mechanisms to enhance user access to data, generation of value-added products, user support, operational functions, and development activities;
  • Provide strategic guidance and advice to NASA and PO.DAAC on annual work plan, long-term plans, objectives, priorities, target user communities, implementation approaches, and other issues;
  • Represent the user community in the development and operation of PO.DAAC’s products and services;
  • Review the progress and performance of the DAAC relative to PO.DAAC’s mission;
  • Be ambassadors for PO.DAAC.

UWG Members

  • Frederick Bingham (Chair), University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Kyla Drushka (Co-Chair), University of Washington
  • John Wilkin, Rutgers2018 Annual PO.DAAC UWG Meeting
  • Jim Potemra, International Pacific Research Center/Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center
  • Larry O'Neill, Oregon State University
  • Renato Castelao, University of Georgia
  • Carol Anne Clayson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Faisal Hossain, University of Washington
  • Jerad Bales, CUAHSI
  • Philip Thompson, University of Hawaii
  • Doug Schuster, NCAR


  • Nadya Vinogradova-Shiffer, NASA HQ
  • Jeanne Behnke, NASA HQ