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New PO.DAAC Aquarius Level 3 Image Browser Tool

Aquarius Level 3 Image Browser Tool
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of PO.DAAC's new, interactive Aquarius Level 3  image browser.  The tool is now available online at  The browser allows effortless navigation and viewing of PO.DAAC Aquarius imagery data holdings by time period as individual global sea surface salinity (SSS) maps and animation sequences.  Simply pick the image type (Daily, Weekly or Monthly composite) and use the calendar selector tool to choose a period of interest.  Selectable thumbnails of all available data for the chosen period appear sequentially in the image Galley portion of the page.  Click on a particular item in the gallery listing or a specific date in the calendar tool to see the full image with associated salinity color scale.  Use the interactive controls to step forward or back through the sequence or view as an animation.  Double click on the image in focus to see an enlarged rendering within a popup window, and use mouse controls to zoom into particular areas of interest.

All images are of global, 1 degree spatial resolution Aquarius Level 3 v1.2dr data archived and distributed by PO.DAAC.  Access to the underlying source data files is possible via links provided.  Please note that Aquarius v1.2dr release data are for evaluation only and are not to be used for scientific research purposes.  These data are available via FTP at  upon prior acknowledgement of this disclaimer and registration at .

Accompanying Image:
Snapshot of L3 browser tool page showing the various elements described above.