Monday, June 29, 2020

We are pleased to announce that MetOp-C ASCAT Level 2 Datasets (ASCATC-L2-25km and ASCATC-L2-Coastal) are now available in the PO.DAAC High-Level Tool for Interactive Data Extraction (HiTIDE), allowing you to visualize, subset, and download the orbital swath data based on spatial and temporal boundaries of interest.

Begin exploring by going to and look for these datasets under VARIABLE: SURFACE WINDS.

For more information on these datasets, visit the landing pages on the PO.DAAC Web Portal

For questions or to provide feedback, please visit the HiTIDE Forum.

HiTIDE, the High-level Tool for Interactive Data Extraction, allows users to subset and download popular PO.DAAC Level 2 (swath) datasets. Users can search across a wide variety of parameters, such as variables, sensors and platforms, and filter the resulting data based on spatial and temporal boundaries of interest to the user. HiTIDE goes even further, offering instant previews of variable imagery, allowing users to rapidly find data of interest for download and further, rigorous scientific analysis.

To best experience HiTIDE, we recommend using a recent version of one of the following browsers:  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.  (Note that Internet Explorer is not currently supported.)  Additionally, we recommend that prior to first loading the new HiTIDE, you clear your browser's cache.