Monday, March 13, 2023

The PO.DAAC is pleased to release the WindSat Top of the Atmosphere (TOA) Brightness Temperature (TB) L1C data version 8.0 from Remote Sensing Systems (RSS). The dataset contains Level 1C WindSat TOA TB over both land and ocean, resampled on a fixed regular 0.125 deg Earth grid using Backus-Gilbert Optimum Interpolation covering the period from 2003-Feb-01 to 2019-Jan-02. More information can be found on the PO.DAAC data portal.



Download data using the PODAAC Data Subscriber:

Source code:

Example code: podaac-data-subscriber -c RSS_WindSat_L1C_TB_V08.0 -d myData -sd 2018-08-01T00:00:00Z -ed 2018-09-01T00:46:02Z

Animation: RSS WindSat L1C Calibrated TB Version 8 (2018) 


T. Meissner and F. Wentz. 2006. Polarization rotation and the third Stokes parameter: the effects of spacecraft attitude and Faraday rotation, vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 506-515, March 2006, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 44, 3. 10.1109/TGRS.2005.858413.


RSS. 2022. RSS WindSat L1C Calibrated TB Version 8. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at

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