Thursday, March 30, 2023

The PO.DAAC is pleased to announce the public release of the GHRSST Level-4 Reprocessed OSTIA SST v2.0 datasets from the United Kingdom Meteorological Office (UKMO).

This high resolution foundation sea surface temperature (SST) dataset is produced by the UKMO through the Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Analysis (OSTIA) system from multiple satellites and in-situ data. It provides a global daily SST mapped to 0.05o x 0.05o regular lat/lon grid and follows the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) Data Specification version 2.5 (GDS2.5). Different from near real time OSTIA Level-4 SST (DOI: 10.5067/GHOST-4FK02), the reprocessed SST is produced when more satellite and climatology observations are available from the more than 25 measurements derived from geostationary IR, and polar orbiting IR and MW satellites. Currently, the temporal coverage extends from 1982-Jan-01 to 2022-May-31, and will be updated in a forward data stream with a nominal biannual latency.

The datasets are described and discoverable via the PO.DAAC dataset information pages. The dataset information pages also provide access to the GHRSST homepage and guidance on how to cite the data.

Data DOI:

  1. OSTIA-UKMO-L4-GLOB-REP-v2.0 (10.5067/GHOST-4RM02)


  1. Donlon, C. J., et al.. 2012. The Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis (OSTIA) system, Remote Sensing of Environment, 116.
  2. Good, S.; Fiedler, E.; Mao, C.; Martin, M.J.; Maycock, A.; Reid, R.; Roberts-Jones, J.; Searle, T.; Waters, J.; While, J.; Worsfold, M. . 2020. The Current Configuration of the OSTIA System for Operational Production of Foundation Sea Surface Temperature and Ice Concentration Analyses, Remote Sens., 12, 4.

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