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MODIS Aqua Level 3 SST Thermal IR Monthly 4km Daytime V2019.0. DOI:

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MODIS Aqua Level 3 SST Thermal IR Monthly 4km Daytime v2014.0
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DescriptionThe Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) is a scientific instrument (radiometer) on board the NASA Terra and Aqua satellite platforms, launched in 1999 and 2002 respectively to study global dynamics of the Earths atmosphere, land, ice and oceans. MODIS captures data in 36 spectral bands ranging in wavelength from 0.4 um to 14.4 um and at varying spatial resolutions (2 bands at 250 m, 5 bands at 500 m and 29 bands at 1 km), providing complete global coverage of the Earth every 1 to 2 days. Both Terra and Aqua platforms are in sun synchronous, near polar (98 degree) orbits at 705 km altitude but with a descending local equatorial crossing time of 10:30am in the case of Terra and a 1:30pm ascending crossing time for Aqua. MODIS Aqua Global Level 3 Mapped Thermal SST products consists of sea surface temperature (SST) data derived from the 11 and 12 um thermal IR infrared (IR) bands (MODIS channels 31 and 32). Daily, weekly (8 day), monthly and annual MODIS SST products are available at both 4.63 and 9.26 km spatial resolution and for both daytime and nighttime passes. This particular dataset is the MODIS Aqua, thermal-IR SST level 3, 4km, monthly, daytime product.
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Citation OBPG. 2015. MODIS Aqua Level 3 SST Thermal IR Monthly 4km Daytime v2014.0. Ver. 2014.0. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at

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Journal Reference Werdell, P.J., B.A. Franz, S.W. Bailey, G.C. Feldman and 15 co-authors (2013). Generalized ocean color inversion model for retrieving marine inherent optical properties, Applied Optics 52, 2019-2037.
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2019.0MODIS Aqua Level 3 SST Thermal IR Monthly 4km Daytime V2019.02015-03-02ACTIVE1425336447425
2014.0MODIS Aqua Level 3 SST Thermal IR Monthly 4km Daytime v2014.02015-03-02RETIRED1425336447425
1MODIS Aqua Level 3 SST Thermal IR Monthly 4km Daytime1970-01-01RETIRED