SeaWinds on ADEOS-II Level 3 Gridded Ocean Wind Vectors (JPL)
DescriptionThe SeaWinds on ADEOS-II Level 3 ocean vector winds on a 0.25 degree grid contains daily data from ascending and descending passes; where adjacent satellite passes overlap, the most recent value overwrites the previous value for that particular wind vector cell. Wind vectors are accurate to within 2 m/s (vector speed) and 20 degrees (vector direction). Rain flags are provided for each wind vector cell to assist in identifying potential rain contamination. Wind vectors are set to a value of 0 when within 30 km of land/ice boundaries or where there is ambiguous or non-existent measurements available. This data utilizes the recalibrated model function called the QSCAT-1/F13 processing algorithm, adopted in July of 2006.
Dataset TypeCOMPLETE
MeasurementOCEANS > OCEAN WINDS > SURFACE WINDS > Ocean Surface Wind Vectors
Processing Level3
CoverageNorth Bounding Coordinate: 89.875 degrees
South Bounding Coordinate: -89.875 degrees
West Bounding Coordinate: -180 degrees
East Bounding Coordinate: 180 degrees
Time Span: 2003-Jan-28 to 2003-Oct-24
Granule Time Span: 2003-Jan-28 to 2003-Oct-24
ResolutionSpatial Resolution: 0.25 degrees (Latitude) x 0.25 degrees (Longitude)
Temporal Resolution: 12 Hour
ProjectionEllipsoid: WGS 84
Name: Advanced Earth Observing Satellite-II (ADEOS-II)
Orbit Period: 101.05 minutes
Inclination Angle: 98.62 degrees
Name: SeaWinds Scatterometer (SEAWINDS)
Swath Width: 1800.0 meters
Description: Spacecraft angular distance from orbital plane relative to the Equator.

ProjectSeaWinds on ADEOS-II (SEAWINDS)
Data ProviderPublisher: PO.DAAC
Creator: SeaPAC
Release Place: PO.DAAC
Release Date: 2006-Jan-15
Keyword(s)wind data, wind, ocean wind, wind speed, vector, vectors, ocean wind vector, ocean wind vectors, seawinds, adeos-2, adeos-ii, scatterometer, gridded
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Citation SeaPAC. 2006. SeaWinds on ADEOS-II Level 3 Gridded Ocean Wind Vectors (JPL). Ver. 2. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at

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