Retirement of PO.DAAC Drive

Retirement of PO.DAAC Drive

Postby podaac » Tue Jul 13, 2021 2:06 pm

With the migration to the cloud, PO.DAAC is preparing for the next generation of missions. Part of this transition is determining which tools and services are best for our users in the new environment along with the challenges of delivering data faster and at higher volumes than ever before.

As a part of this transition, PO.DAAC Drive will be retired in the near future. We have set up a number of resources to assist in this transition.

See here: ... #Tutorials

Look for example on how to Find Granules, Browse / Download Whole Granules, Subscribe to Granules, Bulk Download, etc.

Unfortunately, the WebDAV capability will also be retired.
If you currently ‘mount’ the PO.DAAC Archive to your machine in order to drag-and-drop files or process data as if it were ‘local’, this functionality will not be migrating to the cloud. We recommend one of the above resources, or looking into accessing the data directly from Amazon S3 by processing it in-region.

Depending on the dataset you’re using, the availability of data in Drive will be turned off as early as January 31st, 2022.

For a full list of datasets and their transition dates, please see ... n#Timeline
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