Dataset selection help for fishery investigations in Brazil

Dataset selection help for fishery investigations in Brazil

Postby podaac » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:23 pm

User Question:
I´m an Oceanographer from Brazil and currently working with fishery in the coast of Brazil.

I'm analyzing a temporal dataset of fish population and would like to correlate with SST, SSS, wind, current and chlorophyll a. Yet, I´m having trouble determining the ideal datasets from the ones available in your database.

Which of the dataset would be more useful in this case? I´m looking for dataset from the last 10 to 20 years on a monthly scale near the south coast of Brazil.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.

Thanks for your inquiry to PO.DAAC and interests in remote sensing datasets for various parameters on monthly time scales in support of you fishery investigations.

Below are some links to relevant datasets at PODAAC that provide decent time series, generally match your criteria and are likely to be most useful to you.

The URLs take you to the catalog entry online where the dataset is described, and from which you can access the dataset (click Data Access tab), potentially via a variety of means (eg. ftp, opendap, thredds, LAS). Pointers to dataset documentation should also be available via the catalog entry.

Note that there could be other datasets within our holdings, say for shorter time scales, that may be relevant to your work, depending on the particular oceanographic and ecological processes that you are looking at.

You can discover other such dataset from the PODAAC online catalog ( by simply filtering by parameter, product level, resolution, time interval, period etc via the faceted search/filter panel on the left.

AVHRR Pathfinder are L3 is the longest available SST series, and is at 4km resolution.
1981- 1985: ... HTTIME_V51
1985- 2009: ... GHTTIME_V5

There are AVHRR Pathfinder data available beyond 2009, but this is for the latest reprocessing (v5.2) of the Pathfinder dataset that PO.DAAC currently does not distribute.
1981- 2012:. The v5.2 data are, however, available via NOAA/NODC at ... ersion5.2/

There is also monthly MODIS SST data from AQUA and TERRA that collectively provide a nice time series (4km grid resolution)
2000-2015: ... _NIGHTTIME
2002-2015: ... _NIGHTTIME

SSS (surface salinity):
From Aquarius, a 3+year series (Nov2011-present) of monthly L3, but coarse resolution (natively 1degree Lat/Lon) ... MONTHLY_V3 ... MONTHLY_V3

SeaWIFS monthly 9km resolution:
1997-2010: ... thly_9km_R
MODIS monthly 4km resolution:
2002-present: ... thly_4km_R

Note that while PODAAC has some select CHL products (eg. above items), the official NASA producer and archive for ocean color data is OBPG/GSFC:

Wind Speed:
Monthly QuickScat L3 product, but coarse 1 degree Lat/Lon resolution
1999 -2009 ... D_1DEG_1MO
CCMP 5 Day merged L4 product, 0.25 degree Lat/Lon resolution
1987 – 2011: ... ECTORS_FLK

OSCAR product: 5day, 1/3 degree Lat/Lon resolution
1992-present: ... _third-deg
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