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Where to find the OBPG SST algorithm coefficient files?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:19 am
by wenhaoli
There are two options to retrieve the OBPG SST algorithm coefficient files. Both methods should provide you the identical files.

1. Extract the coefficient files from OBPG website via installing OCSSW
First method will require the user some effort and time to extract the coefficient files. Users need to download and install the OBPG OceanColor Science Software (OCSSW) on a local Linux system by following the instructions on webpage: The software and processing file bundles reside on a GitHub repository. Their links are public assessable and maintained by OBPG. The advantage of this method is that the user can retrieve the most updated version of coefficient files, and obtain all the input files required for processing the SST algorithms.

2. Download the coefficient files from PO.DAAC
PO.DAAC has extracted the SST algorithm coefficient files in August 2017 and archived them locally for quick access. Basically, PO.DAAC performed the first option and downloaded and installed the OCSSW from the OBPG website. All the files in processing input file bundles have been extracted and archived, including multiple versions of the coefficient Look Up Tables (LUTs). Corresponding to the data records at PO.DAAC, the coefficient files for MODIS (Aqua/Terra) and VIIRS_NPP SST have been collected.

For MODIS Aqua, the SST algorithm coefficient files can be found here:
SST4 algorithm version 6.3: ... s_v6.3.txt
SST algorithm version 6.3: ... s_v6.3.txt
SST4 algorithm version 5: ... isa_v5.dat
SST algorithm version 5: ... isa_v5.dat

For MODIS Terra, the SST algorithm coefficient files can be found here:
SST4 algorithm version 6.3: ... _v_6.3.txt
SST algorithm version 6.3: ... _v_6.3.txt
SST4 algorithm version 5: ... ist_v5.dat
SST algorithm version 5: ... ist_v5.dat

For VIIRS_NPP, the SST algorithm coefficient files can be found here:
SST3 algorithm version 6.3: ... d_v6.3.dat
SST3 algorithm version 6.4.1: ... v6.4.1.dat
SST3 algorithm version 7.1: ... d_v7.1.dat
SST algorithm version 6.3: ... d_v6.3.dat
SST algorithm version 6.4.1:
SST algorithm version 7.1: ... d_v7.1.dat

Additional OBPG SST algorithm information and input files can be found at the OBPG website:, specifically the MODIS Infrared SST algorithm ATBD ( ... _mod25.pdf ) and version 6 SST processing paper: "Implementation of Version 6 AQUA and TERRA SST processing, K. Kilpatrick , G. Podesta, S. Walsh, R. Evans, P. Minnett".: ... hanges.pdf