What Aquarius data are available and how can I find these?


What Aquarius data are available and how can I find these?

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What Aquarius data are available, from where and how can I find descriptions of these?

PO.DAAC is designated NASA data center responsible for archival and distribution of the Aquarius/SAC-D mission data, which include remotely sensed salinity observations. Aquarius data products can be searched via the PO.DAAC website portal, and consist of Level 0, L1A, L2 swath, and L3 mapped products. Listings of L2 & L3 Aquarius mission datasets with associated product descriptions are available at https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/datasetlist ... 52Bproject. There is also the related Aquarius-CAP (Combined Active Passive), PI-provided dataset (https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/datasetlist?search=cap) available from PO.DAAC. Additional, salinity-type datasets are likely to be added in future, all of which can be can be discovered and accessed via the PO.DAAC portal (https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov). The portal supports both search and interactive, drill-down of catalogues by measurement parameter, sensor, satellite platform, collection or keyword. Simply entering the keyword "Aquarius" or “Salinity” in the dataset search bar on the main portal page returns a list of all Aquarius or salinity-related datasets maintained within the PO.DAAC archive with associated metadata descriptions. Similar results can be obtained by drill-down selection via the "Browse Dataset" toolbar on the home page. Listed datasets can be further filtered by processing level, spatial and temporal resolutions, latency and other attributes and criteria via the faceted search panel on the left of the page. Clicking on individual dataset items listed returns a page with complete dataset-level metadata descriptions for the selected product. The associated "Data Access" and "Granule (File) Listing" tabs are pages that respectively provide:
- A list of particular data access services (FTP, OPeNDAP, THREDDS) available for the particular dataset, together with an indication of file format and compression information.
- A complete listing of available data files for that product, organized by Year/Month/Day levels that can be expanded and drilled down in to.
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