Where are the Aquarius salinity data archived?


Where are the Aquarius salinity data archived?

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Where are the Aquarius salinity data archived, and how can I access them?

PO.DAAC is the NASA data center serving as the official archive for the Aquarius/SAC-D salinity mission. All Aquarius datasets, Level 0 through Level 3, are archived and distributed by PO.DAAC. Aquarius validated data (version 2.0 and above) and related resources are accessible via the public PO.DAAC DRIVE site (https://podaac-tools.jpl.nasa.gov/drive ... a/aquarius). Within this, Aquarius data (which include the PI-provided CAP dataset version in addition to the mission versions) are organized in directories by product Level. This ranges from L0 raw binary through L3 gridded/mapped products available for sea surface salinity and wind speed on daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual intervals. For Level-2 data and above, files are then arranged in subdirectories by dataset version (eg. /V2). Then files are organized in lower level subdirectories by time period (eg. /Year, /DayOfYear), and in the case of L3 additionally by product time interval (daily|7day|monthly|3month) and product category (SCIA|SCID|SCI|SCISM). Please note that a smoothed product is only available for salinity on a monthly interval. All other Aquarius mission L3 mapped products are available for both salinity and wind speed parameters for all 5 time intervals (daily, 7day, monthly, seasonal, annual) and category (ascending, descending, combined) combinations. For CAP, only 7day and monthly L3 salinity and wind speed products are available.

In addition to FTP, all Aquarius datasets are available via OPenDAP (http://www.opendap.org/)and THREDDS (https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/t ... rrent/tds/) Web-services from PO.DAAC. OPenDAP is a data transport architecture and HTTP-based protocol widely used by the earth science community and supported by PO.DAAC. The structure of the basic URL for accessing Aquarius L2 and L3 datasets is as follows and comparable to that previously described for FTP:
https://opendap.jpl.nasa.gov/opendap/Sa ... /aquarius/
Aquarius data are also accessible from PO.DAAC via THREDDS (Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Services), a framework for accessing dynamic distributed data aggregates with associated metadata via the Internet. The THREDDS catalogue at PO.DAAC for Aquarius can be accessed by users via the following URL:
https://thredds.jpl.nasa.gov/thredds/po ... talog.html
Complete L3 daily, 7day, monthly, and seasonal time series for both salinity and wind speed respectively are aggregated and accessible via THREDDS.
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