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Where can I find documentation on Aquarius salinity data?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:08 am
by podaac
Where can I find documentation on Aquarius salinity data, and what key technical documents should I review and understand before working with the data?

The Aquarius mission page on the PO.DAAC website ( lists all technical documents associated with the current version of the Aquarius data. These together with all past Aquarius documentation are archived and available via the PO.DAAC DRIVE-site at ... arius/docs. In particular, key items that users should consult as preparation for working with the Aquarius data include the “Aquarius Data Users Guide” and the “Aquarius Salinity Data Validation Analysis” documents. The former provides a detailed description of the organization and format of Aquarius datasets, while the latter describes important quality aspects of the data. The ATBD (Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document) and associated addenda provide technical descriptions of the Aquarius salinity retrieval algorithm and associated issues.