GHRSST Conference/Meetings

GHRSST Conference/Meetings

Postby podaac » Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:16 pm

GHRSST Science Team Meeting XII

Dear Science Team members,

You can now register at: ... &prodid=...
for Edinburgh. Registration closes 15th of May. Hope all of us have their funding allocated by then. Let me know in case the deadline causes problems.

Full second announcement can be found at the web-site: ... s/ghrsst...

You may realize the web-site has changed. Hope you find it easy to navigate, let me know your comments. All of you are invited for updating content.
The new web-site is going live with different speed depending on your location. Sending News items still has some hick-ups, that is why you get this mail first. A News item will be sent out to the usual list later, sorry for cross-postings.

You may use your early information to your advantage by book ing your accomodation close to the conference site before it is filling up (attached suggestion). If you prefere something in the city centre,
please see ... 411HOTEL...

Looking forward to meet all of you in Edinburgh,

best regards,
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