List of Useful Libraries/Tools in Python

Programming scripts on how to read, analyze and access PO.DAAC data

List of Useful Libraries/Tools in Python

Postby podaac » Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:48 pm

Python is a fast growing script language widely used in the scientific community. Here we list some but not complete python tools or libraries, so that the user community could refer to this whenever they need it. Users are encouraged to send your recommendations here, and we will incorporate users' comments into this list.

Python Language

PODAAC Web Service Library

netCDF Library

netCDF 4Python interface to the netCDF C library
xarrayN-D labeled arrays and datasets


matplotlib2D plotting library
Mayavi3D scientific data visualization and plotting
pyresampleGeospatial image resampling
PyQtGraphScientific Graphics and GUI Library

Numerical Analysis

StatsmodelsStatistical analysis
pandasData structures and data analysis
EOF AnalysisEmpirical Orthogonal Function

Machine Learning
scikit-learnData mining and data analysis

Google Python

Google APIs Client Libraries
Google Earth Engine API
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