AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

Postby podaacforum » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:27 am

I am currently using the AVHRR 4km monthly nighttime SST dataset for my PhD work at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton and have noticed that it finishes at the end of 2009.
What is the likelihood of the data since then until present being made available? It would be very beneficial to my PhD work!

Re: AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

Postby vtsontos » Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:04 am

Some further information on Pathfinder...

There are L3, 4km AVHRR Pathfinder data available beyond 2009, but this is for v5.2 of the Pathfinder dataset that PO.DAAC currently does not distribute. The v5.2 data are, however, available via NOAA/NODC at ftp://ftp.nodc.noaa.gov/pub/data.nodc/p ... ersion5.2/.

At PO.DAAC we currently have Pathfinder v5.0 and v5.1, although we may also get 5.2 in future. Please note that v5.2 has only Daily data; unlike some of the earlier Pathfinder versions, composited products are not available for v5.2. To our knowledge there are no plans for Pathfinder v5.2 composites to be produced near-term, but on the plus side this version is a GHRSST-compliant dataset. Also please note that Pathfinder version reprocessings that would make the series more current only occur occasionally. We are unaware when a future version release would occur. If you need more current SST data and a reasonably long time series, then you may want to consider MODIS-Terra & Aqua SST L3 datasets available from PO.DAAC (see http://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/datasetlist? ... =MODIS:*3* ) which span 2000-present.

Re: AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

Postby mariakatosvic » Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:58 pm

Both Terra and Aqua platforms are in sun synchronous, near polar (98 degree) orbits at 705 km altitude but with a descending local equatorial crossing time of 10:30am in the case of Terra and a 1:30pm ascending crossing time for Aqua. MODIS Terra Global Level 3 Mapped Thermal SST products consists of sea surface temperature (SST) data derived from the 11 and 12 um thermal IR infrared (IR) bands (MODIS channels 31 and 32). Daily, weekly (8 day), monthly and annual MODIS SST products are available at both 4.63 and 9.26 km spatial resolution and for both daytime and nighttime passes. This particular dataset is the MODIS Terra, thermal-IR SST level 3, 4km, daily, daytime product.
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Re: AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

Postby josenguyen » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:20 am

I'm using the AVHRR 4km monthly nighttime SST dataset for my PhD!
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Re: AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

Postby podaac » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:14 am

There is a V5.3 data set that goes up to 2014 on the NOAA ftp site.

To view the latest pathfinder version v5.3, please visit:
ftp://ftp.nodc.noaa.gov/pub/data.nodc/p ... ersion5.3/

Thank you for your inquiry.
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Re: AVHRR Pathfinder beyond 2009

Postby podaac » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:27 am

User Inquiry:
I am interested in the "AVHRR Pathfinder Level 3 Monthly Daytime SST Version 5"

The description (https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/dataset/AVH ... DAYTIME_V5) says the data should be 1985 to present. When I look in the ftp site, there only appears to be data up to 2009. (ftp://podaac-ftp.jpl.nasa.gov/allData/a ... onthly/day)

Can you please clarify how I get the 2010-2016 data? I am after a monthly time series of global SST from at least 1990 to 2016.

Reply to User:
Unfortunately 2014 V5.3 is the latest date that is available for pathfinder. (ftp://ftp.nodc.noaa.gov/pub/data.nodc/p ... on5.3/L3C/)

There are some alternatives that I could recommend. Of course there is the availability of both the MODIS Aqua and MODIS Terra products. Essentially they have the same resolution as the pathfinder product with similar quality. This data is also available through the PO.DAAC. Monthly averages can be found at: https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/datasetlist ... 014.0_R%22

There is also the MUR product which incorporates pathfinder (when it was available) and continues using the MODIS Aqua Terra data sets. This is available in near real time. These are only available in daily files: https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/datasetlist ... OB-v4.1%22
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