How to capture an animation onto a video

How to capture an animation onto a video

Postby podaac » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:40 am

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I have just discovered your amazing application, SOTO. First, I am a NASA contractor and biological oceanographer. I am utterly blown away by the power of your visualization software for viewing the ocean at multiple layers. Nice job! My compliments! I'm seeing things I never imagined!

I would like to capture an animation onto a video to use in a presentation. Can you recommend the best way to do this?

Again, thanks for producing a really transformative software!

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Thanks for the kudos for SOTO. It was a real team effort by software developers, system engineers and scientists. We will be making more improvements to allow users to eventually download visualized data as well as animations but those features are still under development.

In the meantime what I do with SOTO animations in the Mac OS/X environment is use the QuickTime application to “record” what is going on the screen/browser and thus capture the SOTO animation to a MPEG file.

There are also other recording applications but QuickTime is very popular.

Here is a short tutorial from Apple how a recording can be done:
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