List of Useful Libraries/Tools in Python

List of Useful Libraries/Tools in Python

Postby yiboj » Fri May 19, 2017 8:35 am

Python is a fast growing script language widely used in the scientific community. Here we list some but not complete python tools or libraries, so that the user community could refer to this whenever they need it. Users are encouraged to send your recommendations here, and we will incorporate users' comments into this list.

Python Language

Package Installer
AnacondaMost Useful Python Package Installer and Updater

Python IDE

PyCharmPython IDE for Professional Developers
WingPython IDE for Professional Developers

PODAAC Web Service Library

HDF5 Library

HDF5HDF5 for Python
PyTablesmanaging hierarchical datasets

netCDF Library

netCDF 4Python interface to the netCDF C library
xarrayN-D labeled arrays and datasets

Research Collaboration

Dataset Access

THREDDS CrawlerPackage for crawling THREDDS servers
PydapPackage for OPeNDAP

Python GUI Programming

wxWidgetsPython GUI Programming
TkinterPopular GUI Programming
PythonWinPython GUI Programming for MFC

Data Visualization

matplotlib2D plotting library
Matplotlib BasemapPlotting on Map
Mayavi3D scientific data visualization and plotting
pyresampleGeospatial image resampling
PyQtGraphScientific Graphics and GUI Library
seabornStatistical data visualization
bokehInteractive visualization
IrisMeteorology and Climatology Package by the Met Office
scikit-imageImage processing in Python
CartopyMap data visualization

Data Engineering

daskParallel computing
airflowData pipeline
luigiData pipeline

Numerical Analysis

NumPyScientific Computing
SciPyScientific Computing
StatsmodelsStatistical analysis
pandasData structures and data analysis
EOF AnalysisEmpirical Orthogonal Function

Machine Learning

scikit-learnData mining and data analysis
TensorFlowMachine Intelligence
theanoDeep Learning
kerasDeep Learning
LasagneNeural Networks


pyOpenSSLPython interface to OpenSSL
ecdsacryptographic signature
passlib and bcryptpassword hashing

Data Search Engine

elasticsearchData search

Cloud Computing

AWS SDKAmazon Cloud
Google CloudGoogle CloudPlatform

Google Python

Dev Tools

pytztime zone library
lxmlXML/HTML Processing
cffiC code interface

Database Access

SQLAlchemySQL Toolkit
pyMySQLMySQL connector
pymongoMongoDB driver
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Re: List of Useful Libraries/Tools in Python

Postby latheexperts » Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:18 am

Thanks for sharing, it's very useful for me
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Re: List of Useful Libraries/Tools in Python

Postby batsc » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:12 am

I would like to advertise two libraries from the Met Office Sci Tools ( collection:

Cartopy is a Python package designed to make drawing maps for data analysis and visualisation as easy as possible.

Cartopy makes use of the powerful PROJ.4, numpy and shapely libraries and has a simple and intuitive drawing interface to matplotlib for creating publication quality maps.

Some of the key features of cartopy are:

    object oriented projection definitions
    point, line, vector, polygon and image transformations between projections
    integration to expose advanced mapping in matplotlib with a simple and intuitive interface
    powerful vector data handling by integrating shapefile reading with Shapely capabilities

Iris seeks to provide a powerful, easy to use, and community-driven Python library for analysing and visualising meteorological and oceanographic data sets.

With Iris you can:

    Use a single API to work on your data, irrespective of its original format.
    Read and write (CF-)netCDF, GRIB, and PP files.
    Easily produce graphs and maps via integration with matplotlib and cartopy.
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