Minor Problems Found

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Minor Problems Found

Postby reythia » Fri May 14, 2021 10:06 am

I went around trying to break your lovely program again, but could only find fairly minor annoyances instead of major errors. (Darn??)

I used “TELLUS_GRAC-GRFO_MASCON_CRI_GRID_RL06_V2 Aggregation” as a test case, since I’m familiar with it.

1.) The first thing I noticed is that, if you don’t already know EXACTLY what each dataset is, this setup would make it really frustrating to get data. There’s no easy way to check what each dataset is. For example, I know what the “CRI” filter is, so I can read the above name without problem. Someone less familiar with GRACE, though, wouldn’t have a clue. It’d be nice to have a one-line normal-English description of each filename, so people know what they’re searching for. Even on the final mapping screen, I can’t see any description or metadata at all.

2.) Under “Axes selections”, the box-drawing tool doesn’t work right on my computer (it’s a mac, and I’m using Chrome). The box is “stuck” on the south pole and won’t draw elsewhere on the map. Similarly, the “circle” tool refuses to leave the equator.

3.) Under “Axes selections”, the arrow tool (not sure what it’s supposed to be, exactly) doesn’t work. No matter what I do, clicking it just gives the error message “Make a selection on the map then select this button, to edit it.” (Needless to say, I tried to follow the directions, and nothing helped.)

4.) As I was switching between the various “Plot Types”, the date and location on the map kept auto-changing. The date changing was particularly annoying, since there was no rational reason for it to be auto-varied.

5.) Under “Analysis Transformations”, an obvious calculation which should be available for all GRACE time series (including ordinary maps!) is “remove trend” and “remove annual”. That’s extremely common and would be very helpful.

Thank you for your hard work!
Jennifer Bonin
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