Downloading from across the 180 degree longitude

Downloading from across the 180 degree longitude

Postby lionfish_20 » Mon Jun 28, 2021 7:19 pm


I have a question, the answer to which may save me time in future.

I wish to access data (in my case specifically MUR-JPL-L4-GLOB-v4.1) from repository using the code, as described in this forum post--> Using Python to subset large gridded datasets (v2) available here

The area from which I wish to access data lies spread across the 180th meridian, (i.e. 175W to 175 E). Previously I had been downloading the two sections (175W to 180, and 175E to 180) separately and merged them later during processing. The reason I had for downloading this separately is because the command
Code: Select all -s 20100101 -f 20210101 -b 175 -175 -25.1 -9.8 -x MUR-JPL-L4-GLOB-v4.1
is unable to find a grid if I use -b 175 -175 -25.1 -9.8 , and if I write it as -b -175 175 -25.1 -9.8 the data is everything but the area I am after.

Is there an established command, or way for me to download the data across the 180 meridian directly as one file?

Thanks in advance for your help and time.

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