Request for Open API Spec. for Client Libraries

Request for Open API Spec. for Client Libraries

Postby sno2 » Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:41 am

Hello, I am going to use the PODAAC APIs in a project of my own for a tutorial. I posted a GitHub Issue ( in the podaacpy repo for if they would like to use a binding for a Rust client library that I would build instead of their library and they advised me that Open API is being used for these APIs so I could generate a Rust client library through the Open API generator. Do you think that I could have access to the Open API specification for this? Thanks

Originally posted in a different topic this morning, but I found this topic and it's a better fit so I removed the old post and added this one.
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Re: Request for Open API Spec. for Client Libraries

Postby mgangl » Wed Oct 20, 2021 7:40 am

Hello and thanks for your interest.

PO.DAAC is in the process of moving its data holdings to the cloud, and as a result we're actually migrating away from the PO.DAAC specific web services in favor of enterprise wide, consistent access to our data. So while an OpenAPI spec would help you with our current services, it wouldn't be long lived.

if you're interested in working with our more cloud antive, or cloud centric web services, please take a look at the following services:

and ultimately, boto3/AWS s3 access in the cloud (only through the us-west-2 region) is a viable option for data access. If you have follow up questions, please reply or contact us and we can work together. Your project seems very interesting, and by leveraging more enterprise services and APIs, the adoption might be much larger.
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