Why do users have to register?

Why do users have to register?

Postby podaac » Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:29 pm

The information provided by users when they register for Earthdata Login helps NASA better understand how our data are being used and the diverse needs of multiple user communities. This helps us prioritize improvements in data discovery, access, and usability. Registration also allows us to inform users with pertinent information such as the availability of new or updated data products, or data quality issues. In the future, it will allow for new value-added features and customized services resulting in a better user experience. End users may register and edit their account information in one location allowing them access to the wide array of NASA data and services.

For more information on Earthdata Login, see
https://urs.earthdata.nasa.gov/documentation and https://urs.earthdata.nasa.gov/urs4_faqs.
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