Updated PO.DAAC SOTO visualization tool, v4.3.0

Updated PO.DAAC SOTO visualization tool, v4.3.0

Postby podaac » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:09 pm

We are pleased to announce an update to the PO.DAAC State of the Ocean (SOTO) visualization tool.

Version 4.3.0 is now available online at https://podaac-tools.jpl.nasa.gov/soto/. For questions or to provide feedback, please visit the State Of The Ocean (SOTO) Forum.

SOTO is a suite of tools presented through an interactive, web-based visualization front end. It provides access to a broad range of satellite-derived products with key parameters of interest to the oceanographic community. SOTO facilitates visual exploration and comparative analysis of physical oceanographic data, enabling scientific oceanographic, climate, and related research.

SOTO version 4.3.0 provides the full dataset record for ASCAT Wind Vectors (2007 to present) and OSCAR Ocean Current Vectors (1992 to present), as well as an adjustment of the OSCAR Ocean Current Speed range from 0-0.5 m/s to 0-1 m/s. Additionally ....

To read entire announcement, please see: https://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/announcemen ... sion_4.3.0
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