QuikSCAT Data Gaps Due to Battery Anomaly

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On November 16, 2007, a small degradation in the QuikSCAT spacecraft's battery capacity was detected during the eclipse period. In order to reduce the battery load, the QuikSCAT Project temporarily operated the SeaWinds instrument in receive-only mode during the eclipse periods between November 20 and 29 (days 324-333). As a result, there are data gaps at Northern high latitudes on these dates. A list of impacted orbits, including the start and end times for each sigma0 data gap, is available at:
Please note that the wind vector data gaps will be approximately four minutes longer than the sigma0 gaps.

The problem with the QuikSCAT battery is believed to be the result of normal spacecraft component aging. The QuikSCAT spacecraft is currently operating nominally. However, in the event of future spacecraft anomalies, PO.DAAC will send another announcement as we have in the past.

The QuikSCAT eclipse season occurs from 14 November 2007 through 27 January 2008. These eclipses occur near the North Pole and last up to 16 minutes.

If you have any questions related to this anomaly or QuikSCAT data, please email podaac@podaac.jpl.nasa.gov