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Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 is the Continuing Series (CS) of TOPEX/Poseidon and the Jason series (1, 2 & 3)

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  • Poseidon-4 – Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) dual frequency  altimeter that measures in the Ku (13.575 GHz) and C (5.3 GHz). It measures altimeter range, sigma0, significant wave height and ionospheric correction. It will operate in interleaved mode (simultanious Low Resolution Mode (LRM) and SAR measurements)   (
  • DORIS – Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositiong by Satellite is a Precise Orbit Determination (POD) system. It receives at the 401.25 MHz and 2036.25 MHz frequencies. It is used for the all weather global tracking and calculates the orbit ephemeris.
  • AMR – Advance Microwave Radiometer measures the 18.7 GHz, 23.8 GHz and 34.0 GHz sea surface microwave brightness temperatures. The 18.7 GHz channel provides the wind induced effects in the sea surface background emissions correction. The 23.8 GHz channel measures water vapor. The 34.0 GHz channel measures the cloud liquid water to be corrected. All together the three frequencies provide the error in the satellite range measurement caused by pulse delay due to water vapor.
  • LRA – Laser Retroreflector Array supports the calibration and validation for the POD.
  • GPSP – GPS Payload receiver. It provides supplementary position data to support the POD function and to improve gravity field models.
  • CARMEN-2 Radiation Detectors – CNES instrument that measures high energy particles that could disrupt the DORIS oscillator and create drifts.
  • LPT – Light Particle Telescope. Provided by JAXA, measures radiation to complement that measured by DORIS.
  • T2L2 – Time Transfer by Laser Link. CNES instrument for precise time transfer used to monitor the clock in DORIS.