PO.DAAC User Acceptance Tools (UAT)

Beta versions of select PO.DAAC Tools and Services accessible to the public for feedback.  


State of the Ocean (SOTO) Beta Version 4.0

SOTO is an interactive, web-based tool to generate informative maps, animations, and plots that communicate and promote the discovery and analysis of the State Of The Ocean (SOTO).  It provides a mirror to reflect what the data are capturing, and present what the data are telling us, helping to uncover valuable information that may otherwise not be obvious or easy to grasp. 

The State of the Ocean (SOTO) Beta Version 4.0 consists of three releases.

  • Release 1 (10 January)
    • The first step in the process of re-designing and rebuilding from the ground up
    • Migrate the underlying code to an entirely new and re-usable mapping framework
    • Implement a slightly customized look and feel on top of the re-usable framework
    • Integrate all image satellite layers from the previous version of SOTO at a basic level     
      • A few datasets (MUR SST) have full-satellite record access 
    • Add additional novel features from the re-usable framework     
      • Distraction free mode, drawing based measuring, multiple basemap options, extended timeline, to name a few 
    • Lay the groundwork for extensive future development
  • Release 2 (20 January)
    • Expand the available metadata for each supported layer    
    • Improve support for vector datasets    
    • Add initial animation components    
    • Full-satellite record for additional datasets
  • Release 3 (13 February)
    • Complete support for all promised satellite datasets        
    • Arbitrary length animation support with modifiable step sizes        
    • Improve vector support and performance         
    • Full-satellite record for additional datasets

PO.DAAC SOTO Test Period: 10 January 2017 to 16 March 2017

For questions or to provide feedback, please visit the State Of The Ocean (SOTO) Forum


Metadata Compliance Checker (MCC)  Version: 1.2

The Metadata Compliance Checker (MCC) is an online tool and web service designed to check and validate the contents of netCDF and HDF granules for the Climate and Forecast (CF) and Attribute Convention for Dataset Discovery (ACDD) metadata conventions.  It produces quantitative scoring for these convention attributes as HTML, PDF or JSON outputs. It also checks GHRSST version 2 data formats as applicable.  It works with both user locally uploaded data as well as data that are accessible via OPeNDAP. The MCC is based on open source software originally developed by NOAA that has been extended with additional functionality and reporting.

MCC Test Period: 1 February, 2017 - 1 March, 2017

For questions or to provide feedback, please visit the Metadata Compliance Checker (MCC) Forum


PO.DAAC Drive Version: 1.1

PO.DAAC Drive is a new way of browsing data at PO.DAAC. Drive is an FTP alternative that allows users to access data via browser and command line as has been traditionally done, but can also allow users to mount the remote data to your own computer, seeing the data as if you had the entire PO.DAAC archive mounted on your own machine! A few simple steps will have you up and running with PO.DAAC Drive.

PO.DAAC Drive Test Period: 8 March, 2016 - 1 March, 2017

For questions or to provide feedback, please visit the PO.DAAC Drive Forum