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Altimetric Data Information: Intro

The purpose of this page is to provide information on what satellite altimetric data are available for scientific research, especially from NASA’s PO.DAAC and NOAA’s NODC.  While this page does not contain any data, it provides succinct descriptions and pointers to the data via dataset information pages or online tools.  The information is broken up into multiple sections:

  • Missions – This contains a chronological listing of past, present and future satellite altimetric missions.
  • Data Centers – Provides information on mission mandated and non-mandated data centers that archive and distribute data.
  • Data Access –  How to access data from PO.DAAC and NODC and a listing of datasets available from each center.  
  • Coastal Altimetry – Descriptions of the various projects that provide coastal altimetric data.
  • Hydrological Altimetry – Descriptions of the various projects that provide hydrological altimetric data.
  • Climatolgical Altimetry – Descriptions of the various projects that provide climate data records and climatologies
  • Globally Averaged Sea Level Change – A brief description of what it is and the different projects that calculate it.
  • SAR – Missions and data that measure sea surface height using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) as the altimeter.
  • Waves – Where to obtain wave data or wave models that are not provided in the altimetric datasets.