Monday, December 11, 2023

On December 7, 2023, PO.DAAC held an open office hours session regarding the recently released SWOT Beta Pre-Validated products, with the participation of SWOT data users, SWOT experts, and PO.DAAC staff members. This video is a recording of that office hours session.

0:00 Welcome

2:12 SWOT Products Status and Plans

26:35 Crossover calibration

37:10 Does the ocean product include both swaths?

38:04 How many days for full global coverage?

39:05 More on inland water corrections and all flags

41:15 Are there areas that have both LR and HR data?

44:20 SWOT Open Toolkit

49:20 Hydrology products

52:39 Use product granules named with the highest counter

55:55 Other Q&A, Opening in GeoTIFF format

1:00:00 SSH 2 km vs 250 m resolution

1:03:00 Data near the coast

1:03:40 Mean sea surface

1:07:20 KaRIn LR over ice shelves and land ice

1:09:15 Will there be continuation of the Single Look Complex (SLC) product?

1:13:50 When can I publish? Cautions on publication and presentation

1:18:46 WindWave significant wave height

1:21:50 Correction terms and SSH in the Unsmoothed product

1:27:44 Missing passes

1:35:55 L2 LR SSH data quality over estuaries and land

1:38:58 Major caveats in using SWOT hydrology products

1:42:25 How to watch Science Team Meeting presentations

1:43:20 About matching ocean LR SSH and hydrology water level height for coastal applications

1:46:35 What about data from end of August?

1:47:25 More on coastal/estuarine applications

1:50:39 Importance of calibration

1:52:55 Missing tile from the Raster 100 m, but not from the pixel cloud?

1:55:50 What are forward-processed products

1:57:14 The difference between L2 Lake SP data and the Raster product

1:59:35 How to obtain only one type of file out of multiple types in the same product

2:02:10 How to calculate satellite passing time

2:03:05 What do PIA, PIB, and PIC mean?

2:03:12 How is radiometer data used in the product? ssh_karin vs ssh_karin_2

2:06:44 SSB

2:08:55 Relationship between nadir altimetry, KaRIn swaths, and the nadir gap

2:14:18 Polar regions and ice flags

2:17:40 L1B data variables and resolution

2:19:16 Closing: Please provide feedback, and read the Product Description Documents