Thursday, September 2, 2021

During this webinar, PO.DAAC team discussed which data will be hosted in the cloud, showed options for migrating ocean data discovery and access process to the cloud, and provided resources to support users in navigating this migration. Below is a summary of the presentation with links to the presentation video and relevant pages, and example scripts. 

  1. An introduction to our user migration plan (can be found in webinar starting at 0:28 seconds)

  2. Tools and services to discover, search, access, and download PO.DAAC data in the cloud (can be found in webinar starting at minute 8:42)

Use Case Description

Cloud Tool Capabilities

Script/Relevant Links

Video Tutorial (begins at minute)

Browse and Download Files from the archive

- Browse data in more than one way (temporal and spatial)

- Browse and download data at other DAACs 

Virtual Browse Link


Download files everyday

- Download specific files matching extensions

- Multiple ways to find data that match a use case

Data Subscriber


Access Entire Archive

- Scaled compute

- Process next to data, suitable for large volume needs

S3 Credentials

S3 Credentials README


In Cloud Analysis

- Improved subsetting performance

- Subset and transform using R/Python




Subset multiple files using an API

- Create jobs for subsetting data using Harmony API

- Subset and transform in one step 


c. How to engage and collaborate with PO.DAAC during the migration (can be found in webinar video starting at minute 37:18)

Download webinar slide deck: 

Full Webinar recording: 

For additional information and resources, please visit the PO.DAAC Cloud Data Page.