Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) Ocean Surface Wind Components time series has been extended through 31 December 2011. This data extends the CCMP climate data record (CDR) by 6 months, for a total of 24.5 years, starting from 1 July 1987.

The AMSR-E data used in the CCMP analysis has been upgraded by REMSS from version 5 to version 7. This upgrade is effective in the CCMP analysis from 1 January 2011 through 4 October 2011, the latter date representing the time in which the AMSR-E antenna permanently ceased rotation. As a result of the antenna rotation failure, there will be no additional AMSR-E data available for the CCMP analysis.

In total, 13 CCMP datasets are available. To learn more and access the CCMP datasets, please visit the PO.DAAC web portal.

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