Monday, May 24, 2021

This is to inform users of the JPL SMAP Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) CAP V5.0 datasets that select L2B and L3 8day running mean and monthly files on the specific dates cited below needed to be reprocessed.  This is due to an error of Antenna Scan Angle (ASA), that required the SMAP project to replace TB files containing the affected orbits. The ASA errors occurred in select Level-1 half-orbits and propagated into the associated higher-level products. ASA errors affected data files between 5 October 2019 and 23 November 2019, as well as certain dates in 2020, specifically 04-05 February, 09 April, 30 May, and 18 June. The ASA errors resulted in a geolocation offset of up to 99 km in the along scan direction. The impacted JPL SMAP SSS CAP V5.0 files have been identified and reprocessed, and are now available from the PODAAC.  We recommend all users working with these datasets acquire and use the updated files.  These are listed here: README.KnownIssues.txt