Thursday, January 5, 2023

PO.DAAC is pleased to announce the dataset release of the S-MODE Pilot Field Campaign, which provides shipboard, in-situ, and airborne measurements from a variety of instruments and platforms during October 2021. S-MODE is funded by NASA through the Earth Venture Suborbital (EVS-3) program and is testing the hypothesis that submesoscale ocean dynamics, i.e. processes with scales of 1-10 km, make important contributions to vertical exchange of physical, chemical and biological variables in the upper ocean. This requires coordinated measurements from a novel combination of in-situ and remote sensing platforms and instruments, along with data analysis and modeling, to test the hypothesis. Datasets comprising this release include measurements of currents, conductivity, temperature, depth, nitrates, salinity, nutrients and meteorological data from a suite of shipboard instruments and autonomous surface vehicles; salinity, temperature, and currents from drifters and autonomous underwater vehicles; and surface winds, ocean currents, sea surface temperature, and visible imagery from airborne instrument platforms. This release contains data from the initial pilot field campaign. Additional documentation will be made available in the future upon release of the data from the IOP campaigns. More information on the project can be found at the S-MODE mission page.


  • S-MODE Shipboard uCTD and EcoCTD Measurements Version 1:

  • S-MODE Temperature and Salinity from Slocum Gliders Version 1:

  • S-MODE Position Data from Surface Drifters Version 1:

  • S-MODE Temperature and Salinity from Saildrones Version 1:

  • S-MODE Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements Version 1:

  •  S-MODE Shipboard Bottle Data Version 1:

  • S-MODE Shipboard Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth Measurements Version 1:

  • S-MODE Shipboard Radiometer Measurements Version 1:

  • S-MODE Shipboard Meteorological Data from Rawinsondes Version 1:

  • S-MODE Shipboard SUNA nitrate data Version 1:

  • S-MODE Shipboard Thermosalinograph and Meteorology Measurements Version 1:

  • S-MODE MOSES Level 2 Atmospherically-Corrected Sea Surface Temperature Version 1:

  • S-MODE DopplerScatt Level 1 Surface Doppler and Radar Backscatter Version 1:

  • S-MODE DopplerScatt Level 2 Ocean Winds and Currents Version 1:

  • S-MODE MASS Level 1 DopVisible Imagery Version 1:

  • S-MODE MASS Level 1 Visible Imagery Version 1:

  • S-MODE MASS Level 1 LiDAR Point Cloud Version 1:

  • S-MODE MASS Level 1 Hyperspectral Imagery Version 1:

  • S-MODE MASS Level 1 LWIR Imagery Version 1*:

Citation: S-MODE Team. 2022. [Title of Dataset Used]. Ver. 1. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at https: //[dataset doi]

Access: Users are encouraged to use the PO.DAAC Data Downloader/Subscriber to download the data.

Comments/Questions? Please contact or visit the PO.DAAC Forum. 

*Note: Archival is underway for S-MODE MASS Level 1 LWIR Imagery Version 1 and the complete collection will be available in the coming weeks.