Friday, March 31, 2023

The Level 4 MUR SST data processing has recently been updated to use GHRSST L2P SST data inputs from the NASA Earthdata Cloud (AWS-West2) in accordance with the transition of PO.DAAC data and services to be 100% in the cloud by mid Spring 2023.

This update will not impact users of the MUR datasets and the change is transparent, fully tested and vetted. The update occurred on March 13, 2023.

However, in the recent timeline of MUR production several events occurred unrelated to this processing update. The MUR 1km and MUR25 Level 4 SST datasets have recently not included SST data from the AMSR2 sensor on GCOM-W as part of the fusion algorithm. This was due in part to the data provider reprocessing the AMSR2 from v8a to v8.2 that resulted in a data gap at the PO.DAAC, and other ingest issues.

The microwave SST AMSR2 data returned to the MUR products on Monday, Feb 27. The exact gap was Dec 17, 2022 to Feb 27, 2023. Some loss of SST fidelity in the MUR products will be found during this period.