DOI 10.5067/DOCUM-AQR01
Document Title Aquarius Data Users Guide V5.0
Description This document is the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center’s (PO.DAAC) Aquarius data user’s guide. The Guide is current to V5.0 of the Aquarius data, the end-of-mission dataset, which was released and made publicly available via the PO.DAAC in November 2017.  It provides information on the specification and format of the Aquarius mission data products (L0 through L3), how they can be discovered and accessed online, and via what tools/services.  Pointers to all technical documentation are provided.  A brief summary of the Aquarius/SAC-D, NASA's flagship ocean salinity mission, is also given, together with an overview of Aquarius processing and data flows.
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AQUARIUS USER GUIDE, Dataset Version 5.0. Guide Version: 8.0, November 27, 2017. JPL D-70012 AQ-010-UG-0008. JPL URS CL#: 17-5944. Document accessed 2018-05-03 at

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