DOI 10.5067/DOCUM-AQR02
Document Title Aquarius Salinity Validation Analysis (Data Version 5.0)
Description This report documents the Aquarius sea surface salinity (SSS) measurement uncertainty characteristics, including residual errors in the final version (V5.0) of the Aquarius data, which was released 7 December 2017. The progressive improvement from V2.0 to V5.0 is shown by comparing each version of Aquarius data with matchups against in situ data.  The data collocation and triple point analysis methods used in this validation study of the Aquarius mission data are also described.

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Aquarius Salinity Validation Analysis (Data Version 5.0).  AQ-014-PS-0016. 28 February 2018. Hsun-Ying Kao, Gary Lagerloef, Tony Lee, Oleg Melnichenko, Peter Hacker.  Document accessed 2018-05-03 at

For more information see Data Citations and Acknowledgments.