DOI 10.5067/DOCUM-AQR07
Document Title Aquarius Scatterometer Calibration
Description This technical report reviews the Aquarius scatterometer calibration, starting with the instrument calibration. The stability of the scatterometer, as quantified using the loop-back power and estimated receiver gain, is examined to as are the temperatures of scatterometer components not contained in the loop-back path. The methods used to absolutely calibrate Aquarius with respect to previous L-band radar systems are discussed as is the calibration of the Aquarius wind speed product. Finally, the Aquarius wind speed products are compared with radiometer wind speed products, data other radar scatterometers, and numerical weather products.  Aquarius wind speed product are shown to be on par with previous scatterometers in data quality.
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Aquarius Scatterometer Calibration. AQ-014-PS-0017. 2015. ALEXANDER G. FORE, GREGORY NEUMANN, ADAM P. FREEDMAN, MARIO J. CHAUBELL, WENQING TANG, AKIKO K. HAYASHI, AND SIMON H. YUEH. Document accessed 2018-05-03 at

For more information see Data Citations and Acknowledgments.