Friday, May 18, 2018

The PO.DAAC has 11 amazing UWG members from domestic universities and agencies including, Jim Potemra (International Pacific Research Center/Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center), Frederick Bingham (University of North Carolina Wilmington), John Wilkin (Rutgers), Kathleen Dohan (Earth & Space Research), Don Chambers (University of South Florida), Larry O'Neill (Oregon State University), Kyla Drushka (University of Washington), Renato Castelao (University of Georgia), Dale Robinson (NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center), Carol Anne Clayson (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), and Faisal Hossain (University of Washington). Also in attendance were Kevin Murphy (NASA HQ), John Moses (NASA HQ), Nadya Vinogradova-Shiffer (NASA HQ, remote participation), and Walt Meier (NSIDC).

Thank you to our UWG members, ESDIS and NASA HQ officials for another successful and productive meeting!