Wednesday, October 5, 2022

This animation shows the survey track and in-situ measurements for the Saildrone 2021 Arctic field campaign for the Multi-Sensor Improved SST (MISST) project. The mission consisted of two Saildrone deployments focused in the Chukchi Sea from 6 July to 20 October 2021. Here we see sea surface temperature and sea surface salinity from one Saildrone, SD1057, overlaid on GHRSST REMS MW-IR-OI and SMAP RSS satellite observations. Time series are also plotted to compare Saildrone measurements and satellite data interpolated onto the Saildrone track. The project, Multi-sensor Improved Sea-Surface Temperature (MISST), is funded by NASA through the National Ocean Partnership Program (NOPP)

The dataset can be accessed from the PO.DAAC Portal at (DOI:

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