NSCAT Level 3 Daily Gridded Ocean Surface Wind Vectors (JPL)
Short NameNSCAT_LEVEL_3_V2
DescriptionThe NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) Level 3 daily gridded ocean wind vectors are provided at 0.5 degree spatial resolution for ascending and descending passes; wind vectors are averaged at points where adjacent passes overlap. Wind vectors are not considered valid in rain contaminated regions; rain flags and precipitation information are not provided. Data is flagged where measurements are either missing, ambiguous, or contaminated by land/sea-ice. This is the most up-to-date version, which designates the final phase of calibration, validation and science data processing, which was completed in November of 1998, on behalf of the JPL NSCAT Project; wind vectors are processed using the NSCAT-2 geophysical model function.
Dataset TypeCOMPLETE
MeasurementOCEANS > OCEAN WINDS > SURFACE WINDS > Ocean Surface Wind Vectors
Processing Level3
CoverageNorth Bounding Coordinate: 75 degrees
South Bounding Coordinate: -75 degrees
West Bounding Coordinate: -180 degrees
East Bounding Coordinate: 180 degrees
Time Span: 1996-Sep-15 to 1997-Jun-30
Granule Time Span: 1996-Sep-15 to 1997-Jun-29
ResolutionSpatial Resolution: 0.5 degrees (Latitude) x 0.5 degrees (Longitude)
Temporal Resolution: 1 Day
ProjectionEllipsoid: WGS 84
Name: Advanced Earth Observing Satellite-I (ADEOS-I)
Orbit Period: 100.92 minutes
Inclination Angle: 98.59 degrees
Name: NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT)
Swath Width: 1600.0 meters
Description: Spacecraft angular distance from orbital plane relative to the Equator.

ProjectNASA Scatterometer (NSCAT)
Data ProviderPublisher: NASA/JPL/PO.DAAC
Release Place: PO.DAAC
Release Date: 1998-Jul-26
Keyword(s)wind data, wind, ocean wind, wind speed, vector, vectors, ocean wind vector, ocean wind vectors, nscat, adeos, scatterometer, gridded
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Web Servicehttps://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/ws/search/granule/?datasetId=PODAAC-NSJPL-L3X02&apidoc
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PO.DAAC DRIVEhttps://podaac-tools.jpl.nasa.gov/drive/files/allData/nscat/L3/v2/hdf
OPENDAP DATAhttps://podaac-opendap.jpl.nasa.gov/opendap/allData/nscat/L3/v2/hdf/
The OPeNDAP base directory location for the collection.
Format (Compression)HDF
Citation NASA/JPL/PO.DAAC. 1998. NSCAT Level 3 Daily Gridded Ocean Surface Wind Vectors (JPL). Ver. 2. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at https://doi.org/10.5067/NSJPL-L3X02

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