Pre SWOT Hydrology Global Lake/Reservoir Surface Inland Water Height GREALM V.2

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Processing Level2
Start/Stop Date1992-Sep-25 to 2019-Dec-23
DescriptionThe Global Lake/Reservoir Surface Inland Water Height Time Series is derived from the G-REALM10 lake level product The purpose of this dataset is to provide surface water dynamics for several hundred lakes and reservoirs across the globe. These time series potentially span a 25 year time period, from late 1992 to 2017, satisfying the project goal of ESDR creation with a suitable level of quality that supports long-term trend analysis and global water dynamics models. Water level variation is also a key component required for the determination of surface water storages and fluxes. This product is readily accessible and is of direct use to both water managers and the scientific community worldwide, and allows for improved assessment and modeling of the human impact on the global water cycle. These pre SWOT data are derived from satellites to provide hydrological measurements. The Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission will have hydrology as one of its objectives. This dataset does not have the same variables as SWOT, but does provide hydrological measurements with typical quality flagging typical of satellite data. Not only does it provide science information, it can also assist hydrological users new to satellite data with the satellite data formats and variables before SWOT launches.
Swath Width5.1 km
Name: Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 (OSTM/JASON-2)
Orbit Period: 112.43 minutes
Inclination Angle: 66.04 degrees
Name: OSTM/Jason-2 RADAR alitmieter (POSEIDON-3)
Swath Width: 5.1 kilometers
Description: Spacecraft angular distance from orbital plane relative to the Equator.

ProjectMaking Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs)
Data ProviderPublisher: NASA/JPL/SWOT
Creator: Birkett, Charon; Ricko, Martina; Yang, Xu
Release Place: NASA/JPL/PODAAC
Release Date: 2019-Nov-15

Keyword(s)lake, reservoir, area, hydrology, pre-swot, inland, water, water height, ucla, swot
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Region: GLOBAL
North Bounding Coordinate: 66 degrees
South Bounding Coordinate: -66 degrees
West Bounding Coordinate: -180 degrees
East Bounding Coordinate: 180 degrees
Time Span: 1992-Sep-25 to 2019-Dec-23
Granule Time Span: 1992-Sep-25 to 2019-Dec-23
Swath Width: 5.1 km
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Citation Birkett, Charon; Ricko, Martina; Yang, Xu. 2019. PRESWOT_HYDRO_L2_GREALM_LAKE_HEIGHT_V2. Ver. 2. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at

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