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Dataset Highlights


Saildrone Baja Field Campaign Dataset Release

Saildrone is a state-of-the-art, wind and solar powered unmanned surface vehicle (USV) capable of long distance deployments lasting up to 12 months. This novel sampling platform, that is wind propelled but may be guided remotely from land, is equipped with a suite of instruments providing high quality, georeferenced, near real-time, multi-parameter surface ocean and atmospheric observations while transiting at typical speeds of 3-5 knots. During the Baja campaign, a single deployed Saildrone was equipped with a suite of instruments that included a CTD, IR pyrometer, fluorometer,...

JPL SMAP-SSS V4.0 dataset released

The JPL SMAP Version 4.0 datasets spans the full mission, with data available from 2 April 2015 to present. Global coverage data products include an 8-day running mean as well as monthly averages. Level 2 swath data are also available as part of the product release. They are available with a latency of 3 days for the L2 dataset, and 8 days and 1 month for the respective L3 products. The spatial resolution of the SMAP sensor, approximately 40 km, allows for improved applications to coastal and regional studies.  The image shows the seasonal average surface salinity for the summer of 2015. Clearly visible is the freshwater plume that is...


The official NASA/Aquarius end-of-mission V5.0 dataset is available from the PO.DAAC.  The series spans the complete 3-year, 9-month period of Aquarius science data availability, from August 25, 2011 through June 7, 2015. Data sets comprising this v5.0 release include the Level 2 orbital data and Level 3 mapped salinity, wind speed, and derived density and spiciness products at 1 degree spatial resolution for ascending, descending and combined passes and for the following time intervals: daily, 7 day, monthly, seasonal, annual.  Seasonal and monthly climatology, cumulative (mission mean), and 7-day and 28-day running mean products are also...
Example of a spherical cap Mascon solution for 1 arbitrary month

JPL GRACE Mascon Ocean, Ice, and Hydrology Equivalent Water Height

The JPL GRACE Mascon Ocean, Ice, and Hydrology Equivalent Water Height (hereafter, Mascon) products are now available as part of the Tellus MEaSUREs collection of Earth System Data Records (ESDRs). This data product differs from other GRACE data products in that the gravity field has been solved for in terms of equal-area 3-degree spherical cap Mascon solutions, rather than spherical harmonic coefficients.  The data product contains monthly global water storage anomalies relative to a time-mean expressed on a 0.5 by 0.5 degree (latitude by longitude) grid, although the native resolution is still limited to 3 by 3 degrees. Mascon has...
Figure 1.  SSHA from January 3, 1950

Reconstructed Sea Level Dataset

The Reconstructed Sea Level dataset contains sea level anomalies derived from satellite altimetry and tide gauges.  Since 1993, satellite altimetry has provided accurate measurements of sea surface height with near-global coverage. These measurements led to the first definitive estimates of global mean sea level (GMSL) rise and have improved understanding of how sea levels are changing regionally at decadal time scales These relatively short records, however, provide no information about the state of the ocean prior to 1993, and with the modern altimetry record spanning only 20 years, the lower-frequency signals that are known to be present...
AMSR-E SST from the month of April 2009.

Gridded Climate Variables for Model Intercomparison

PO.DAAC is pleased to announce that it will distribute three gridded satellite datasets to facilitate climate model evaluation. They include variables for Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Absolute Dynamic Topography (ADT), and ocean surface vector winds.   These observational datasets are on monthly 1° grids with various time series lengths.  They were generated with the initial intention to facilitate the intercomparison of satellite derived observations with climate model outputs from CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5) under the World Climate Research Program (WCRP).  However, their utility extends beyond climate model...

Aquarius Level 3 data is now available at the PO.DAAC

Aquarius Level 3 data is now available at the PO.DAAC.  Level 3 data are gridded onto a 1 degree x 1 degree grid.  Both salinity and wind speed are available in daily, 7day, monthly, and seasonally averaged files.   The data should continue to be used for evaluation purposes only.  Level 3 imagery can be browsed interactively via our new Aquarius Browser tool:   The new data can be found at: ftp//

Aquarius Level 2 salinity data

Aquarius Level 2 salinity data are being released for evaluation and validation purposes.  The data are still being calibrated and contain uncertainties.   There will be frequent calibration and reprocessing updates, replacing earlier versions, for the next several months. Data may be accessed by acknowledging a disclaimer through in which the user agrees to accept full responsibility in how these data are used and to inform the project of problems and/or results found, as well as publications.The image shown was produced by PO.DAAC using 7-...
The wind vectors from the OSI SAF 12.5 km ASCAT data set (ops vs. coastal)

MetOp-A ASCAT Level 2 Ocean Surface Wind Vectors Optimized for Coastal Ocean

The MetOp-A ASCAT Level 2 Ocean Surface Wind Vectors Optimized for Coastal Ocean dataset provides enhanced coastal coverage of ocean surface wind vectors over the global ice-free oceans at a sampling resolution of 12.5 km. The Ocean and Sea Ice Scatterometer Application Facility (OSI SAF) provides this experimental dataset in near-real-time (NRT) to supplement the existing Level 2 NRT ASCAT ocean...
Multi-Mission Sea Surface Height Climate Data Record

Multi-Mission Sea Surface Height Climate Data Record

NOTICE: This dataset has been superseded. For the latest information on this data series please visit   The MEaSUREs Integrated Multi-Mission Ocean Altimeter Data for Climate Research v1.0 sea surface height (SSH) anomaly dataset is comprised of TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P), Jason-1, and OSTM/Jason-2 altimeter data integrated to form a single Sea Surface Height (SSH) Climate Data Record (CDR),...