December 20, 2021
Animation of the retrieved ocean surface wind speed over the period of 1 August 2018 to 10 December 2021, produced using the CYGNSS Level 3 Science Data Record (SDR) Version 3.1 dataset, which provides wind speed data retrieved from the Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument (DDMI) aboard the CYGNSS satellite constellation. The dataset can be accessed from the PO.DAAC Portal at (DOI: 10.5067/CYGNS-L3X31). How to Download PO.DAAC Youtube Animations

October 13, 2021
Animation of the sea surface salinity comparison from ECCO daily-averaged V4r4 and SMAP JPL 8-day running mean V5.0 datasets covering the period of 2015 to 2017. The datasets are accessible on the PO.DAAC Web Portal: (DOI:10.5067/ECG5D-SSH44) and (DOI:10.5067/SMP50-3TPCS).

October 13, 2021
A new animation shows how global sea levels have risen more than 80 mm (3.15 inches) over the past three decades. The animation compares global sea levels measured by NASA satellites and those reconstructed using NASA's latest global ocean reanalysis from the Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO) project. Besides showing total sea level rise, the ECCO reanalysis also shows its two main components: seawater expansion from ocean warming (stereodynamic) and increased ocean volume from melting glaciers and ice sheets (barystatic).

October 5, 2021
Along Track Sea Surface Height Anomaly data from Sentinel-6 MF are shown with rolling 10-day coverage in daily increments from December 7, 2020 to September 24, 2021. Data shown in the animation are from the “Sentinel-6 MF Jason-CS L2 P4 Altimeter Low Resolution (LR) NRT Ocean Surface Topography” product, which is accessible on the PO.DAAC Web Portal:  (DOI:10.5067/S6AP4-2LSNR). Note: At this time data prior to June 22, 2021 are subject to reprocessing in early 2022.

September 2, 2021
During this webinar, PO.DAAC team discussed which data will be hosted in the cloud, showed options for migrating ocean data discovery and access process to the cloud, and provided resources to support users in navigating this migration.

July 6, 2021
Animation of the NOAA/STAR GHRSST L3S LEO_PM SST v2.80 derived from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) onboard Suomi-NPP and JPSS(N20) satellites covering the period of December 2012 to 2021. (

June 30, 2021
Animation of the Multi-Mission Optimally Interpolated Sea Surface Salinity (OISSS) 7-Day level 4 global dataset based on the AQUARIUS/SAC-D, SMAP and SMOS level 2 mission data. SMOS is used to fill in the SMAP data gap in 2019 due to safe mode. The dataset covers the period from September 2011 to the present, and is produced at the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) of the University of Hawaii at Manoa in collaboration with the Remote Sensing Systems (RSS), Santa Rosa, California. (

June 11, 2021
Animation of the Tellus Monthly Ocean/Land Surface-Mass Anomaly Release 6.0 version 04 datasets derived from Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) and GRACE Follow-on satellites covering the period of April 2002 to Feb. 2021. (,,,

June 1, 2021
Animation of the NOAA/STAR GHRSST L3S LEO_AM Daytime SST v2.80 derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) onboard MetOp-A/B/C satellites covering the period of December 2006 to May 2021. (

May 18, 2021
Animation of the NOAA/STAR GHRSST L3U v2.80 dataset derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) onboard MetOp-A satellite covering the period of December 2006 to December 2008. (