2017 Summer Meeting for the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

PO.DAAC represents at the 2017 Summer ESIP Meeting in Bloomington, Indiana.

Soiled soils

Featured on the NASA Earthdatawebsite. 'Soiled soild', Invisible pollutants lurk under Italy's most populous valley. To read article, please visit:

2017 Ticket to Explore JPL

PO.DAAC showcased visualization capabilities at the 2017 "A Ticket to Explore JPL" , which was a smashing success with approximately 22,000 visitors.

Sensing Our Planet article highlighting PODAAC data

Featured on the NASA Earthdata website. “Crisis in the Crescent”, Drought turns the Fertile Crescent into a dust bowl. To read article, please visit:
2017 UWG

2017 User Working Group (UWG) Meeting

PO.DAAC welcomed our UWG, ESDIS and NASA HQ officials for the annual meeting on 12-13 April 2017.

Sea Surface Salinity from SMAP, October 2015

Global image of sea surface salinity (SSS) from the SMAP (Soil Moisture Active/Passsive) satellite observatory.  The image is an 8-day composite for the period centered around October 1,...

2015 Monthly average Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomaly

May 2015 monthly average Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomaly showing 'the Blob' of record warm temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

2016 Fall AGU Meeting

PO.DAAC represents at the 2016 Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco, California.

2016 PO.DAAC Webinar: Discover, Access and Subset NASA Physical Oceanography Data

Mike Gangl and Aaron Plave participated in a NASA Earthdata webinar on September 28, 2016, entitled "PO.DAAC: Discover, Access and Subset NASA Physical Oceanography Data." 
2016 JPL Climate Day

Bringing Scientists, Students and Communities Together to Promote Global Climate Literacy (2016 NASA/JPL Climate Day)

PO.DAAC Data Engineers Ed Armstrong and Wen-Hao Li supported the PO.DAAC booth at the 2016 JPL Climate Day, Sept 21 in Pasadena, California. Over 1000 local students attended this event!